Work procedure

-Guarantee 12 months placement: in the first 12 months, if the placement doesn't work, Mamushka will immediately organize a screening process to replace your nanny (in the case of full time) or we will replace your childcare or au-pair (in case of a part time) free of charge. During the guarantee period the placements are unlimited, this means Mamushka will provide the number of candidates necessary without limits.

In Mamushka the placements during the guarantee period are unlimited (6 to 12 months) and hold full priority on other demands. This placement guarantee is written in the contract and is valid for a period of 12 months (in the case of a full time nanny) or of 6 months (in the case of a part time childcare or casual hours).

-Unlimited Selection Screening. Mamushka works to match you with the right candidate that suits yours and your child´s needs. We meticulously screen all candidates have personal interviews. Our selection are based on your own requirements unlimited in numbers and of course absolutely free of charge.

-Fees. Mamushka's fees for the selection of candidates and the guarantee of our bilingual Nannies and for our childcares is of a months salary (IVA not included). It’s the monthly fee of the candidate and it will be charged only when the candidate has past the trial period.

If you need temporary nannies or childcares (replacements or temporary live in, live out workers always for a period of no more than I month) Mamushka will also organize a selective group of candidates. In this case our fees is of minimum 150 € charged only if the candidate has past the trial period (IVA not included).

These Fees have an extra charge of 50 € to cover the cost of the linguistic oral test of the candidates.