Bilingualism advantages

There are many advantages introducing a second language at an early age. Recent neurological studies have shown that children introduced to various languages are more creative and develop more abilities in resolving problems.

Some advantages in learning a second language:

ventajas - cuidadoras y niñeras bilingües

1- Increase in communicative abilities

2- Acces to two different cultures and all the benefits that this entails such as: history, literature, films, media etc…

3- Major development of general knowledge due to the access of global information. More knowledge implies a better reasoning, wider creativity, flexibility in understanding, more tolerance and an increasing growth of a more opened world wide mind.

4- More work opportunities.

5- To learn a second language at an early age helps the child to program better the cerebral circuits that intakes the ability to learn new languages in the future.

6- Second language not only helps improve assertive attention but also memory trains the capacity of the children and helps expand the receptive mental ability as if they were doing “mental gym”.

7- Second language helps to develop “multitasking” minds capable of prosecuting various tasks at the same time, casting out irrelevant information in a quick and natural way.

8- A recent study about bilingualism, published in the magazine “Neurology” by Elen Byalistok (Toronto) showed that talking two or more languages delays an average of four years the manifestation of Alzheimer.

It is important to keep in mind that at first the best help your child can have is to listen and learn the new vocabulary in a happy relaxed loving environment without any stress but just through play.