1:1 rule: "one person, one languaje"

The 1 to 1 technique: is simple: one language one person. If you decide to introduce a second language to a baby or a youngster in a family environment you must assign what members will use what specific language and respect these guidelines as much as possible. The parents and Nannies must be firm in these roles and not deflect from this role; that’s why this decision must be done consciously. These rolls will help the child to acknowledge the differences of the two languages.

In the case that the two parents talk the same language, it will be the childcare or the nanny the one in charge of introducing the second language, concentrating all the activities in the new language without any interference of the mother tongue helps the child to distinguish better  the new language from that of the maternal one and other social and family activities. It is essential that the nanny or childcare in charge of introducing a second language has a strong knowledge and the right experience in introducing emotions, ideas, and thoughts in the second language to the child in its own environment through care and play.

These guidelines must be taken in strong consideration. Be determined in the various rolls each member will perform to get the full benefits of the 1 to 1 technique and help create the right environment for your child to learn .Didactic material such as books, games, songs etc..should also be provided by the parents to assist in the child´s successful  introduction of the second language.